Urban Disaster Risk Management

Geodata technology to protect populations

Database Development

  • Evaluation and specification of suitable geospatial data
  • Data transfer and aggregation into standardized digital information
  • Support of sustainable urban planning processes
  • Visualization of project results by an open accessible web viewer to support the decision making process in urban planning
  • Development of a standardized and updated geodata base for exposure analysis and mapping

Exposure Analysis

  • Retrospective multi-temporal analysis of urban development
  • Update of urban maps
  • Digital Terrain and Surface Modelling
  • Flood mapping
  • Simulation of flooding scenarios for the designation of threatened areas in regard of the climate change effects

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  • Identification of main drivers of vulnerability and risk
  • Socioeconomic analysis
  • Assessment and mapping of societal vulnerability in urban areas
  • Simulation of future urban growth scenarios
  • Vulnerability and risk scenarios
  • Sustainable planning concepts
  • Capacity building and skills training for integrating risk information into urban planning / resilience strategies