Safe City - The opportunity to establish new living standards in the city: safe, resilient and sustainable

Urbanization is a symbol of change and progress. Cities are becoming a "future space" for citizens. Cities grow when they fulfill certain expectations vis-à-vis their citizens and businesses. Safe, sustainable, and resilient urban development is essential as urbanization increases. According to the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects, the proportion of the world’s population living in cities is expected to grow steadily to 6.7 billion people by 2050. With this increase in population, the economic importance of urban areas and its contribution to the global gross domestic product is also growing. A profound networking of the different areas related to our social life and work makes this all happen. Cities that are intelligent and connected - smart cities - offer their citizens high quality of life and their companies a global competitive advantage.

Adequate protection against possible environmental disasters, terrorism, crime, power outages, and traffic chaos is a central value of residents. A safe city is the foundation of an intelligent city: it transforms risks of the digital era into opportunities. For example, innovative mobility concepts and intelligence traffic management systems offer cites new possibilities to establish newer business models and create additional benefits for their citizen. These include daily commutes on autonomously controlled trains to work or even the search for parking, which can either be eliminated with the help of an app. The concept of the future city has no limits.


Safe City Challenges – Safety and Resilience are Key

The rapid development of networked infrastructures and services, however, is accompanied by increased security threats such as cybercrime and cyberterrorism. Secure digitization of information technology systems in critical infrastructures is a core task of a Safe City. It is the symbol of a Safe City that protects its citizens, businesses and infrastructures.


Designing Safe City together - With an experienced partner at your side  

IABG has been carrying out projects for urban security needs for decades. Our holistic consulting framework particularly supports the public sector in the secure digitization of its processes and help to successfully overcome modern challenges. IABG is at your side to shape the urban future intelligently and securely. With your intelligent and innovative visions and our experiences in security, process optimization, and digitization, we create a smart city that is safe for your citizens and businesses.

Together, we plan, support, and advise you on the secure digitization of ITC systems in (critical) infrastructures:

Our Safe City approach helps to increase the safety and quality of life in the city of tomorrow through future-proof police systems, be it cloud solutions to accommodate for data sovereignty, video-based traffic control technology for providing information and insights or conceptualizing command and control centres.