Testing and simulation of transport and storage containers

In the development process of transport and storage containers, calculation models have to be checked often or proof of design has to be submitted as part of the approval process.

We support you in preparing, executing and processing drop tests according to your specifications: starting with determination of the actual state upon delivery of a test sample (visual inspection, NDT or digitisation using the latest 3D scanners), to instrumentation (e.g. DMS, acceleration sensors, thermal elements, tactile or non-contact path sensors), assembly and handling tasks, leak testing, air conditioning of test sample, execution of the drop test including measuring data acquisition and subsequent processing of the test results. An unyielding 240t foundation is available for the drop tests at the Lichtenau site.


We will gladly combine the following services for you:

  • Detailed analysis of cases of damage and test results by our material and damage laboratory (in compliance with VDI 3822)
  • Determination of material parameters and testing of components in separate test rigs under mechanical or climatic loading in the accredited fatigue strength test laboratory
  • Calculations and numerical analysis prior to the test or subsequent analysis by our FE specialists

Our services

  • Preparation, execution and processing of drop tests according to customer specifications
  • Foundation for drop tests
    • Total weight: 240 t
    • Impact plate: 3 x 3 m
    • Crane: as required
  • Metrology
    • Photron high-speed cameras
    • Measuring system for up to 4000 k-samples and 106 channels
    • 3D measuring technology for digitisation, deformation and movement analysis
  • Simulation
    • Static and highly dynamic FE analysis
  • Component and material tests
    • DAkkS-accredited fatigue strength testing laboratory
    • Component and climatic tests