Measurement technology and application

Thanks to our extensive sensor and measuring amplifier equipment, we can respond to the most diverse measuring requirements, both fast and flexibly.


Service spectrum

  • Sensor application (force, torque, pressure, temperature, distance, speed, acceleration, acoustic pressure, strain, CAN Bus, etc.)
  • Mobile acoustic power (PAK) systems with up to 42 channels (Mueller BBM)
  • Telemetric applications
  • Test field and vehicle testing
  • Optical deformation measurement, photogrammetry
  • Measurement data recording and assessment
  • Analysis of operating vibrations and alignment with interpretation criteria, processing of test signals and/or operating loads for the test stand

Complete solutions

  • Planning, organisation, direct communication throughout all phases
  • Execution of individual measurements or complete measurement campaigns
  • Graphic data processing, including complete assessments on request
  • Evaluations and report preparation, export into different data formats
  • Comprehensive handling from conceptual design to report phase, preparing more extensive load analyses

Measurement equipment

  • HBM MGCplus amplifier systems, scalable within the range of 1 to 10,000 measurement channels, central and decentralized systems (coupling via field bus)
  • 42-channel acoustic power (PAK) system (Mueller BBM)
  • Mobile measurement instruments (e.g. application with dSPACE Autobox) and data acquisition systems