Mechanical Tests

In high-load phases, e. g., during launch and landing, turbulences as well as in-flight separation processes, the structure and the materials of space systems are stressed to their design limits.

In our comprehensively equipped test facilities we simulate various real mechanical loads within the areas of

In addition to that we determine the static and dynamic characteristics of structures by

In the course of tailored test campaigns we provide to developers and technical designers test results for structure qualification and the validation of analytical models. The seek for and understanding of hidden structural weaknesses paths the way for further optimisation. This way we directly contribute the success of space programs, as well as to the advancement of methods.

Our test facilities

Vibration/shock tests & constant acceleration

  • 8 electro-dynamic vibration facilities (frequency range 4 - 3,000 Hz)
  • Force vector: 10 - 320 kN
  • Mounting dimensions: up to 3 m x 3 m
  • Drop shock & pyro shock facilities
  • Centrifuge


  • Acoustic chamber (1,378 m3)
  • High-energy noise channel
  • Mobile sound instrumentation with class I sound meter and calibrated acoustic source

Modal test facility

  • Up to 12 independently or simultaneously controllable exciter channels for modal shakers from 10 N up to 7,000 N sine force
  • Measuring capacity in units of 126 channels, scalable to over 1,000 channels

MPM facilities

  • 6 balances for test items with different sizes and masses
  • 2 test facilities to determine centre of gravity parameters
  • 2 test facilities to determine moments of inertia
  • 2 test facilities to determine imbalances of test items