Infrared tests (IR /OSTC)

When geostationary satellites emerge from earth´s shadow into the sunlight, their large-scale components, such as solar panels, yokes or antenna reflectors are subjected to particularly high temperature gradients. These extreme and constantly recurring thermal loads (thermal stress) can be simulated using infrared irradiation fields. While the chamber wall continuously reflects cold space conditions, the IR system ist used for heating the specimen to expected operating temperatures.

Two standard thermal walls (3.8 m x 2.6 m and 5.1 m x 2.4 m) with infrared irradiators are available, enabling tests in the temperature range from 98 K to 470 K and temperature change ramps of up to 40 K/min.

In addition to standard IR irradiation fields outlined above, IABG can also create project-specific infrared systems in line with special project requirements (e.g. for ESA´s “Bepi Colombo” mission to Mercury).