Other tests & services

In the thermal testing sector we offer the following supplementing services:

  • 24/7 testing
  • Two LN2 tanks (together 120,000 l) ensuring consistent testing
  • Customer area directly next to the control room
  • Tele-testing: Test data can be transmitted worldwide via internet using proprietary IABG software and be visualised in real time
  • Measurement data recording with up to 1,000 customer data channels
  • Thermal elements (type T) with cables and plugs can be provided and applied by IABG
  • Provision of modular front and rear mounting gear (Standard Lemosa, Sub D)
  • Provision of power supplies to operate IR radiators, heaters etc. with the possibility of control loops integrating the measurement data
  • 8 cryomats with coolants to control thermal plate temperatures
  • Additional LN2 circles in the test volume can be provided to the customer depending on the test facility
  • QCM and RGA measurements in the test volume
  • Contamination analyses (active or passive) in our own physics laboratory
  • Leakage testing and leakage rate determination
  • Pressure simulation test, e.g. for ascent phase simulation, on components from positive pressure (approx. 2 bar) to high vacuum conditions (pk< 10-5 mbar) and vice versa
  • Mobile clean room tent ISO Clean Class 5