We Design, Plan and Realise your Test Bench

We design, develop and realise sophisticated testing systems and testing facilities - precisely tailored to your individual requirements. You benefit from our decades of experience. This results from the realisation and operation of numerous test systems for renowned customers from various industries as well as the operation of test systems in-house. We see ourselves as a solution provider and support you from the initial idea through the entire life cycle of your test systems.

Proven Solutions from IABG Test Systems

Our portfolio ranges from particularly energy-efficient and standardised testing machines for near-operational fatigue tests on springs and stabilisers to test benches tailored to requirements for the development and functional validation of mechatronic systems (e.g. steering systems, active roll stabilisers) to individually designed test benches for demanding, often unique and particularly complex testing tasks.


Innovative Technologies in Test Bench Construction

Rising energy costs, increasing time and cost pressure with ever greater complexity at the same time. Countless variants of test item and test scenarios to be covered. The availability of qualified personnel. Increasing demands on the functional safety of the test items and the machine safety of the testing technology. These are just some of the challenges we have to face every day.

Thinking about tomorrow today: The winners will be those who maintain an overview and anticipate possible future variations and requirements today. To make sure that your investments align with not only current but also future demands, we provide adaptable solutions that can be expanded as needed. At the same time, we consistently invest in the ongoing advancement of key technologies and competencies mentioned below.

Key Technologies and Competencies

Take Benefit from these Features

Mastering Complexity

A flood of test specimens, different load cases and test scenarios with diverging requirements for the design of the test system, a "zoo of plants" in the test field, unclear future requirements...  
If the complexity of the task requires it, we use a continuous system simulation for the model-based design and development of our test systems: from the clarification of the feasibility to the specification of the requirements, the actual test stand development, the validation of the control algorithms and functions to the support of the productive operation of the plant. Standardised partial models and methods form our toolbox for this purpose. Among other things, this makes it possible to quickly compare concepts and solutions, evaluate interactions and conflicting goals, optimise parameters and shorten commissioning through prior knowledge.

For you, this means fast, well-founded and secure decisions.

Furthermore, we offer you customised hardware and software solutions - tailored to your standards, integrated into your existing tool landscapes and with individual solutions for your test automation.

For you, this means uniform and standardised systems, processes, test automations and operating concepts with correspondingly short familiarisation times and flexibly deployable operating personnel.

Green Performance

Rising energy costs with simultaneously increased demands on machine safety and ever higher requirements on the dynamics and control accuracy of the test stand actuator technology.

With our electrohydraulic drive solutions and our high-performance electric linear direct drives, we offer you two powerful, energy-efficient alternatives to servohydraulic test benches.

For you, this means maximum flexibility and performance with low maintenance and significantly reduced operating costs.

From Track to Rig

Prototypes and field tests are complex, expensive and often only possible in late development phases.

With our automated systems for media application, we bring the environmental conditions to the test bench. You can test and secure your systems at any time, fully automated and under reproducible conditions.

Our highly dynamic and very precise electric direct drives are predestined for use in interaction test stands. Your test drivers are able to tune and test systems manoeuvre-based under realistic and reproducible conditions on the test bench.

You save time and money in your development!


Trust in Technology
  • Secured and transparent design decisions taking into account relevant interactions and conflicting goals within the framework of our model-based design
  • Individual test automation for high utilisation with low personnel input
  • Low-maintenance and energy-efficient electrohydraulic drive concepts
  • Robust, safe and high-precision electric drives with low operating costs
  • Automated systems for exact and reproducible simulation of environmental influences

The result: Safe, low-maintenance and reliable test systems with high availability and a high degree of automation.

For you, this means meaningful and reliable test results with high profitability.

IABG Test Systems - Your Competent Partner for Realising Test Benches

According to your ideas and wishes, we support you with our expertise in all phases of your project. For example as

  • Consultant for the specification of your testing system, the joint development of hardware and software architectures or the definition of suitable security concepts,
  • Service Provider
    • for feasibility analyses or
    • for taking over individual trades, for example mechanical, electrical or hydraulic design or software development and test automation,
  • Partner in the development, evaluation and safeguarding of concepts and as
  • Full-Service Provider for
    • turnkey test stands and/or the
    • modernisation of your existing plants.

It is important to us not only to develop the optimal solution for your specific task in terms of economy and technology. Rather, we want to work with you to find the best way and the most favourable working model for your individual solution.
We attach just as much importance to transparent project and risk management as to close coordination within the project. In this way, we ensure that your experience and wishes are fully taken into account in the development process.

Synergies - Your Benefit

We can support you far beyond the construction of test benches. Our colleagues from Product Qualification offer comprehensive testing services. For this purpose, an extensive and flexible test infrastructure is available at our location, including a test field for Environmental Simulations. This enables us to develop new test concepts together with you, to implement them as prototypes in our test field, and to test and validate them.

Furthermore, during the development and production of your new test system, it is possible to carry out the subsequent tests for you in our test halls, thereby bridging the development and production times for your test stand by using synergies.

Does your new test stand require an expansion of your infrastructure? Are you planning to build a new test centre and looking for a competent partner for specialist planning? Do you prefer a solution with a general contractor?

Click here for our service "General contractor for planning and realisation of complex test centres".

Service & Support

With our test stand solutions, we offer you the highest level of reliability and quality. This is one of the reasons why many of our strength test benches have been in use with our customers for as long as over 30 years - sometimes even under the permanent influence of salt spray.

We attach great importance to low-maintenance, ergonomic test systems that are easy and intuitive to operate. Nevertheless, wearing parts have to be replaced, the measuring chains calibrated or new personnel trained. Often, the test specimens also change over time or new requirements - initially unexpected - arise for the test systems used. This happens, for example, when your internal customers need additional measurement technology or a new functionality in the software, an additional communication interface to a peripheral device or for the control of the test item.

All-round service from a single source
Our service team supports you with fast and pragmatic solutions. You benefit from efficient operation of the test systems in line with requirements and with high availability. We take care of everything: spare parts, maintenance, calibrations, upgrades and small modernisations, application support, engineering support, training and education and, of course, advice in every respect.


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