Control and situation centres are part of the critical infrastructure system and must be ready to continuously react to changed threat scenarios and expectations on part of citizens. They must comply with the digitisation trend, taking into account both the needs of authorities and organisations charged with safety tasks and the demand for digital integration of citizens, while being consistently adapted to political and economic standards.
Today, there is a trend towards integrated safety and situation centres, where all relevant information provided by different sources is gathered. Their evaluation leads to an overview of the current situation, on basis of which decisions are taken and organisational units involved are coordinated.

Our experts support the following aspects:

  • Improving command and control capabilities
  • IT planning of security and situation centres as well as employment of operation control, staff and command systems
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the IT employment for safe networking and integration of different organisational systems
  • Increasing public security
  • Preparing specifications and tender support.

Planning and introducing of innovative solutions for control and situation centres

Our specialists provide consulting services, all the way from planning to the introduction of future-oriented and innovative solutions for control and situation centres. We analyse your communication needs and design a functioning overall system with the components operation control, staff and command system, voice and data communication, processing and presentation of media as well as network infrastructure and hardware.

We hereby particularly take into account communication connections of control and situation centres on basis of  professional mobile radio for public safety organizations, landline and portable radio connections, mobile ad-hoc-networks as well as satellite communication.

Our services are specifically focused on innovative and future-oriented solutions.

This comprises the integration of information from the fields of social media, new emergency call apps, media technology and cameras monitoring public spaces as well as task forces use of body/dash cams into an optimised situation overview.

Based on our involvement in international projects, we have in-depth expertise in the field of intelligent traffic control systems and traffic monitoring and video analyses, such as automatic vehicle number plate recognition at pre-defined and/or particularly protection-worthy locations.
With our approach, we achieve optimal results in the

  • overall view of systems and complex structures
  • consistency of technical solutions
  • networking of control and situation centres with secure communication solutions
  • integration of new and innovative applications
  • IT and cyber security of networked systems
  • readiness for certification in line with ISO and/or GISA baseline protection manual.

Integration of geo data/geo information

As an add-on, we offer use and integration of geo data with individual added-value information. Our Geodata Factory creates 3D city models and performs change analyses in urban areas using state-of-the-art satellite technology. This geo information uncovers weak points when planning large events or supports the management of crisis and emergency situations. Updated situation overviews and situation report can be provided by feeding in dynamic traffic or portable radio data, evaluating social media entries as well as by integrating other sensor sources.

Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we generate optimal results when it comes to

  • spatial visualisation of the situational overview
  • integration of current data on surface changes, such as land development or area condition
  • geo-based integration of different data sources
  • integration of new and innovative solutions.

All services are provided from a single source, individually tailored and multisupplier.

Our References (excerpt)

Bavarian State Department of the Interior

The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior was supported in planning and introducing no less than 26 integrated control centres as well as with a training control centre for fire-brigade and emergency services. We additionally contribute to connecting police operations centres to the professional mobile radio for public safety organisations network.

Berlin Police, Berlin Fire-Brigade

We are currently planning Germany’s largest public safety control centre for the Berlin police and fire-brigade forces. This project comprises a geo-redundant ICT infrastructure with a uniform, future-oriented and open operations control and communication system, as well as with additional system components. One planning element is the complete technical equipment of the state command centre to manage special structural organisations and/or security situations. In addition to that, IABG provides cost estimates for investment and operation purposes, as well as feasibility studies in line with IT profitability requirements.

Bavarian police at the G7 Summit

In preparation of the 2015 G7 Summit in Elmau, IABG developed concepts required to structure and roll-out the information and communication technology. IABG experts were deployed in the situation centre on a 24/7 basis, both before and during the summit.