Thinking about aerial bombs when buying a plot of land

Even 75 years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs and ammunition remnants from the Second World War continue to cause excitement. For municipalities, planning and construction companies, real estate developers and private builders, unexpected bomb discoveries always mean a delay in planned construction measures, as well as almost always an unplanned increase in costs. A pre-exploration for explosive ordnance - carried out before the first sod is turned - creates security.

Explosive ordnance exploration through evaluation of aerial images

The evaluation of aerial images from the Second World War is the only non-contact method for reliably assessing the possible presence of explosive ordnance. This is the only way to minimise your risks:

  • Economic risk: no unplanned additional costs, no construction delays
  • Health risk: no danger to the personnel on your construction site

The processing and procedure is based on the "Construction Guideline for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (BFR KMR)". Experienced aerial images interpreters from IABG carry out the necessary research (including material from federal and foreign archives) and evaluate historical aerial images (i.e. images taken by the Allied forces during the war).

We map explosive ordnance-relevant objects and structures such as former military installations, ruins, blast and burn sites, backfilled pits, bomb craters or unexploded ordnance suspicion points precisely to the desired parcel of land. If conspicuous areas are discovered, we can initiate all further technical measures on site.

Recommendation for action - Risk assessment - Exploration and clearance concepts

We provide you with the results of the historical aerial images evaluation in the form of a report with supplementary maps. If desired, we will draw up recommendations for action based on our findings and prepare probing and clearance concepts.

We will be happy to assist you further: In the case of conspicuous features, technical explosive ordnance investigations usually have to be initiated on site. Suspected areas are surveyed on site and the data obtained is compared with that of the previous aerial images evaluation. The areas precisely defined in this way are then systematically searched.

Explosive ordnance clearance

Our long-standing partner for on-site explosive ordnance clearance is EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH.

  • Munitions database
  • Test field sounding and on-site exploration
  • Area clearance
  • Computer-aided area and borehole sounding
  • Clearing of bomb craters
  • Explosive ordnance monitoring
  • Demining
  • Company archive for Bavaria (from 1950)

What does an explosive ordnance exploration cost?

It is difficult to make general statements; small investigations already start in the range of 1500 €. The costs are essentially dependent on

  • the size of the area to be explored,
  • the location (in which federal state),
  • the existing image material or image material to be acquired.

We can assure you of one thing: The money for a preliminary investigation is in any case very well invested. Because any delay in construction, no matter how small, will cost you disproportionately more money than this investigation before construction begins.

We will be happy to provide you with a binding offer quickly.

Depending on the location, it is cost-saving to combine an explosive ordnance investigation with a contaminated site investigation. Details on historical investigation/reconstruction can be found in our services in the topic area of Environmental engineering/Contaminated sites.

Our services at a glance

  • Historical research
  • Research and acquisition of aerial images
  • Multitemporal aerial images evaluation
  • Historical-genetic evaluation
  • Mapping and designation of suspected explosive ordnance sites
  • Result report with supplementary maps
  • Recommendations for action with hazard assessment and risk evaluation
  • Development and elaboration of sounding and clearance concepts

What makes us stand out?

Many years of experience, quality, flexibility and speed

Explosive ordnance exploration requires many years of experience and expertise. Our aerial images interpreters are all highly experienced specialists. We are listed

  • in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior's directory of specialist companies for aerial images interpretation
  • in the specialist company directory of the Rhineland-Palatinate Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service and
  • we are member of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft Kampfmittelräumung Deutschland e.V. (GKD).

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Explosive Ordnance Exploration