Development of software and integration solutions (smart tools)

A special service and quality criterion of our work is the option to resort to particularly developed solutions or applications, enabling us to furnish our services independently and without any manufacturer affiliation.
A great number of these “smart tools” is now also directly used on-site with our customers. Our smart tool spectrum covers:

  • analysis tools
  • networking tools
  • planning tools
  • simulation and training systems
  • verification tools
  • simulation-related services


    Analysis tools

    We support the armed forces using high-quality analysis tools. Based on the unique combination of our military-specific, operational and technical expertise our customers benefit from our comprehensive analyses in all phases of product development and the development of new doctrines. The following capabilities are to be outlined here in particular:

    • Recording
      The recording of generated data of various formats is the precondition for subsequent analysis.
    • Representation
      The representation of exercise or simulation content is, for instance, in the training context an essential requirement to reach learning success.
    • Analysis
      Via dedicated technical analyses on data record level also complex errors – whether concerning data formats or time responses of systems – can be detected.

    For these requirements IABG offers tools such as MiDAS, NAUTILUS, MIP Gate, MIP Studio, ZOIA Recorder & Analyzer.


    Planning tools

    Planning tools are necessary for every type of complex simulation; they can both be organisational and technical aids.

    • Collaboration environments
      IABG offers secure collaboration environments to prepare, implement and analyse complex simulation scenarios. For this purpose, standard platforms are designed to be used immediately, also without previous training.
    • Scenario editors
      Using standardised interfaces, such as MSDL and ADatP-3, IABG provides complex interconnectivity tools for the generation of military structures, commands and situations.
    • Scenario generators
      To stimulate simulation systems in real-time, IABG offers scenario generators, such as the Szenarmanager Air Force (SzM Lw) which is able to create complex scenarios for the stimulation of simulation networks and SIMPLE-based TDL networks.


    Simulation & Training systems

    By using simulation systems in training, resources expenses can be significantly reduced and the impairment or endangerment of human lives and environment can be minimised or even completely avoided. The unique combination of technical expertise and operational understanding allows us to provide close-to-reality and individually tailored training systems.

    • Staff and general exercises
      IABG provides constructional simulation systems, such as KORA, SimOF and JASS for staff and general exercises from the lowest tactical to operational level as well as for civilian crisis staffs exercises. To enable staff members to exercise close-to-reality – in the sense of a “train as you fight approach” – our simulation systems are equipped with standardised FüInfoSys interfaces.
    • Tactics trainer
      To train tactical elements IABG offers individually tailored training environments; the SAAPES system, for instance, is used for training and exercise measures in the Air and Missile Defence sector.
    • Practical trainer
      IABG creates training tools for defence and security environments. A model product here is our V-SICMA, which allows preparing personnel, working in sensitive public life sectors, for critical situations via virtual simulation.
    • Intercultural and language training
      IABG provides innovative simulations to develop intercultural and language skills in virtual environments. We have thus specifically adapted the tool “Operational Dari” for the German Federal Armed Forces, on basis of which soldiers can be prepared for intercultural interaction in the operational area Afghanistan.


    Verification tools

    The use of simulations is increasingly implemented as risk-minimising element into the procurement processes of the armed forces. In this context IABG provides verified and validated simulation environments which can substantially improve project engineering, realisation, acceptance and the systems themselves in the utilisation phase. The necessary approaches are selected depending on the kind of evidence to be provided. They contain Monte Carlo simulations to calculate probabilities or also real-time simulations with operator interfaces. The integration of SIL/HIL and various stimulations is possible as well.

    IABG thus provides systems and complex testbeds suited to stimulate real systems and simulation environments, for instance, with operationally realistic system features or with realistic threats.