Vibration and shock

We perform vibration, shock and constant acceleration simulations on the basis of customer specifications and/or in line with proven standards, such as ECSS (space), MIL-STD 810 (military applications), RTCA DO-160 (civil aviation), IEC 61373 (rail industry), ISO 16750 (automotive industry), Lloyd (naval industry), IEC 60068 or other regulations (e.g. transportation simulation or stationary operation).

If necessary, we also simulate temperature conditions in addition to mechanical load.

Vibration and shock testing

  • Sine, random, sine on random, random on random, shock (pulse and transient) and reproduction of recorded signals
  • Combination with temperature conditions (-40 °C / +140 °C)
  • Simulation of half sine shocks via drop shock facilities with different heights, up to 15,000 g
  • Pyro shock simulation with defined shock response spectra of up to 10,000 g

Constant acceleration

  • Tests with constant acceleration up to 100 g (centrifuge)