We support our customers when designing, planning and implementing training measures and developing suitable training resources. With our cross-sector expertise in all operational domains of the armed forces, in particular our competence in the field of human factors, we are also able to provide well-founded training evaluations.

  • Determining training needs
    We determine training requirements in the close coordination with our customers, for instance, via innovative workshops, in structured individual interviews and with founded analyses of conceptual and operational documents. This also includes the professional determination of individual knowledge levels.
  • Conceptual design and planning
    IABG provides training concepts for the armed forces, in particular in fields where independence from manufacturers is necessary. Our independence enables us to conceive economic solutions helping our customers to reach defined training goals and plan their training course programmes.
  • Creation of learning environments
    We offer integrated IT-supported lecture-room training solutions.
  • Training implementation
    Thanks to our extensive know-how we offer a broad specialised training spectrum adaptable to individual customer requirements.
    • We train members of different armed forces and organisations with our tools.
    • We provide extensive methodological knowledge for the management of complex challenges in the armed forces.
    • We offer highly specialised advanced qualification measures for technical personnel from procurement organisations.
    • We support the communication of mission principles.
  • Training evaluation
    We support our customers with scientific training evaluations, thus improving the training programmes and document their suitability all the way to the certification phase.