Seismic qualification via FEM

Calculating the strength of mechanical structures under seismic loads

The security and serviceability of plants and assemblies in earthquake-prone areas requires proof of stability, integrity and reliability of devices and components under earthquake-specific loads.


Benefits of calculated analyses

  • Valuable input at an early stage in the design phase
  • Component optimisation
  • Complete strength evaluation or calculated evaluation as supplement to the acceptance test
  • Cost-efficient comparison of the impact of different response spectrums
  • Early strength evaluation for new products by applying updated FE model properties from previous projects

Our services

  • Consulting on and creation of seismic designs
  • Derivation of seismic load assumptions from national and international standards (IEEE693-2005, KTA 2201.4, DIN EN 1998-1, IEC 980, IEEE 344-2004)
  • Calculated modal, frequency response, transient and (shock) response spectrum analyses
  • Alignment of FE models with test data
  • Fatigue strength evaluation according to standard guidelines (e.g. FKM guideline for analytical strength assessment, VDI2230, VDI2014)
  • Components and systems tests