Cyber & Information Domain

The Cyber & Information domain is shaped by the world-wide use and networking of information technology infrastructures, such as the internet, telecommunication networks, computer systems, embedded systems and controllers. The increasing complexity of structures and components, together with the lack of comprehensive safety and quality standards and missing legal certainty increase the risk of threats from cyber space.
With our expertise of many years within the sector of secure information technologies we support our customers competently and independently of manufacturers. We complement this with knowledge of the effects in the electromagnetic spectrum and information environment. In this way, we map the requirements of the Cyber & Information domain as an abstract-complex system from a single source. This enables our customers to recognise threats holistically, to build up suitable defence potentials and to be able to take the necessary countermeasures.

We focus on the areas of:

  • threat analysis
    Support with the analysis of risks and threats in the Cyber & Information domain as well as investigation of weak points, both conceptually and technically.
  • capability analysis
    Operational and technico-scientific analysis and evaluation of cyber defence architecture elements.
  • Concept Development & Experimentation
    Concept Development as well as design and development of demonstrator solutions, sound verification and testing of concepts and solutions by means of experiments and field tests
  • IT security
    Support with conceptual design, integration and operation of secure information systems and networks.

Within the Cyber & Information domain we benefit from our expertise and experience across sectors; for instance, from the IABG divisions of AUTOMOTIVE, SPACE and in particular from INFOCOM.