Explosion Testing

IABG provides in Lichtenau all tests in accordance with national and international standards (e.g. STANAG 2280, ASTM F1642, ISO 16933).
To improve the level of protection we test and qualify materials, components, subsystems and overall systems (e.g. facades, windows, doors, automated teller machines (ATM), military components).
These tests can be carried out using particularly developed IABG test rigs.

Ammunition and test charges for conventional and improvised threats (IED) include, among other things:

  • KE (projectiles)
  • AT-Mines
  • Hand grenades
  • Blast
  • Shell fragments
  • EFP (explosively formed projectiles)
  • CE (shaped charges)

Through IABG’s participation in the Teams of Expert (ToE) of STANAG 4569 and 4686 we are involved in the development of procedures for tests and qualifications in an international context.