Expertise in Sensor Technology

In defence and security technology, sensors – as the interface between technology and the environment – detect situations (situational awareness), objects, or targets to be engaged.

As the complexity of dangerous situations increases, the demands made on sensors grow continuously. But which sensors are needed? Which are the best? What is the performance of which sensor under which conditions? How do you implement the sensors? We provide answers to such questions working in close cooperation with our customers.

With our extensive experience in sensor technology we support our customers in the following areas:

  • Sensor applications
  • Overall performance and coverage
  • Signatures, radar cross sections (RCS), camouflage and deception
  • Environment and atmosphere
  • Sensor quality, detection performance
  • Sensor-based signal processing, image processing, data compression, data interfaces
  • Visualisation


Our portfolio includes the following services:

  • We operate and develop simulation models.
  • We analyse and advise with regard to application options.
  • We organise and support measurement campaigns.
  • We provide support and assistance.
  • We devise and conduct acceptance tests (FAT, SAT).

We provide professional support in the following areas of application:

  • Reconnaissance: Surveillance, identification of danger and objects, tracking for object reconnaissance.
  • Protection: Camp protection, missile early warning systems, aerial defence, critical infrastructures.
  • Effect: Tracking for target designation, missile guidance, battle damage assessment (BDA).
  • Mobility: Route reconnaissance, vehicle guidance, telemanipulation.

Sensor Classes

  • Radar and HF: Primary radar (MTI, AESA), imaging radar (SAR, ISAR), secondary radar (IFF), passive radar, electronic warfare (ESM, ECM, EPM);
  • Optical systems: Passive: UV, EO, II, IR, radiometer, stereoscopy (3D); active: LADAR, LRF, LTD, spectroscopy/LIDAR (Raman, LIF, LIPS, DIAL)
  • Acoustics: Seismic technology, sound ranging, SONAR