A change in today’s time: Longing for security

Our goal: We incorporate the latest methods, IT technologies and AI algorithms into applications that secure coexistence in our society. The overarching goal is to protect and strengthen our democracy and its actors.

We are experiencing a turning point in time, the world has come apart at the seams. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has sparked a multidimensional debate about security: the negative effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible and tangible, the Corona pandemic is putting a strain on the healthcare system, and now - surprisingly for many - new threats are emerging for national defense and our energy supply.
Our technical solutions based on digitalization, artificial intelligence, networking, sensor technology, robotics address cities and municipalities (Safe City), the security forces (BOS), the health sector and the aging society (eHealth), and especially the Internet (Cyber Security, Open Source Intelligence).

Dangers from the internet and social media

Almost all political developments and threats are related to the internet. On the one hand, it is an engine for innovation and economic development, on the other hand, it is a platform for new threats to self-determination, freedom and democracy. It provides space for conspiracy theories and false reports to spread rapidly and widely. Hacker attacks are used to cripple and blackmail companies/organisations. The dangers of cybercrime and cyberwar are still underestimated. 
The decisive factor is whether we succeed in actively shaping democracy as a secure society with integrity. We want to contribute to this with our solutions.


Project examples