The term systems engineering specifies the interdisciplinary approach which describes the entire process of transforming requirements into a technical solution.

In the military space sector the entire chain – starting with the implementation of operational requirements, technical concept, all the way to the finished system – is to be considered in its entirety and full complexity.

For the qualitative and quantitative evaluation we examine every detail of this overall system chain.

Our expertise:

  • Investigation and analysis of user demands
  • Available technology level
  • System concept and draft
  • Architecture space and ground segment for satellite systems
  • Space segment
    • Simulation of orbit constellations
    • Analysis satellite bus
    • Efficiency of earth observation pay load(s)
    • Data communication
    • Carrier selection
  • Satellite ground segment
    • Infrastructure
    • Data receipt
    • Logistics
  • Safety aspects
  • Life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Insurance issues

Military space applications and the military use of space concern all capability categories of the German Federal Armed Forces. Their dependence on space-based infrastructures will continue to increase in future.