Modelling and simulation (M&S) today are the backbone of modern military training and exercise. In addition to that, simulation systems are valuable tools for testing, evaluating and creating performance records for complex systems. In principle, modelling and simulation offers the possibility to complete economically complex tasks at lower risks for the environment as well as for life and health of soldiers.

IABG offers a broad service portfolio, in particular:

  • Simulation models
    of numeric algorithms, to behavioural models
  • Middleware and frameworks
    from simulation cores to architectures for networked simulation
  • Standardised interfaces
    for simulation environments and operational networks
  • Data recording and analysis
    from mission rehearsal to data farming

In the field of modelling and simulation we offer the following services:

  • Training and exercise
  • Mission support
  • Procurement

IABG has more than 60 years of experience within the field of modelling and simulation as well as networked training and exercise. We have realised key components and substantial concepts to securely operate networked, coupled simulations in high product quality for the simulation and test environment of the German Federal Armed Forces (SuTBw).

Simulation support in training and exercise

IABG advises the armed forces in various ways when using simulation tools in their training. Base on continuous configuration management, we are able to standardise simulation-supported training measures interoperably and make them repeatable.

  • Concept development
    We develop concepts to effectively use constructional, virtual and live simulation in training
  • Operation of simulation facilities
    We are a reliable partner of many years with the operation of simulation facilities of the armed forces
  • Provision of simulation infrastructure
    We provide complex simulation networks and efficient simulation exercise centres
  • Creation of combat simulation systems
    We create internationally recognized simulation systems for the training of tactical and operational staff on land, air and in the navy. Our systems help military customers to increase mission readiness, all the way to the certification of multi-national staff.
  • Command information systems
    Following the “Train As You Fight” principle our simulation systems are connected to the information systems used on mission or simulate real systems in the sense of an embedded simulation.
  • Data base generation
    With our Geo data factory we significantly improve fair fight conditions in simulation-supported training via quality-assured environmental simulation data.


Mission support

With its simulation systems IABG supports the armed forces when planning missions. Both our technical, scientific and economic as well as the operational expertise allow us to generate high-quality models.

  • Validation and verification of decision-support systems
    independent consulting with the realisation of decision-support systems
  • Purpose-oriented data recording and analysis systems
    in particular during the operational preparation (“mission rehearsal”) and mission evaluation
  • On-site consulting in the country of mission
    Support with on-site expertise, for example during the data acquisition for the concept


Simulation support in the procurement process

Simulation systems are valuable tools for testing, evaluating and creating performance records for complex systems. IABG supports public clients and the manufacturer industry during the development phase with verifications and performance tests and minimises realisation risks. The use of simulation here allows, for example, to compare system procurement processes or also to test the systems in border situations. The endangerment of life and health of soldiers is thus avoided and the environment is preserved at the same time.

  • Comparing real and virtual system
    Comparative selection of military procurement processes via standardised simulation-supported testbeds and transparent procedural models
  • Manufacturer-independent evaluation of virtual prototypes
    Tests and analyses with “software in the loop”, “hardware in the loop” or “man in the loop”
  • Acceptance support
    We contribute our independent testing expertise in the acceptance process
  • Support across the entire life-cycle
    Technical and logistic support (TLB) of complex systems in the utilisation phase