Temperature Tests & Climatic Tests

Our test chambers and roller test benches

  • High Altitude Chamber (High-altitude climatic chamber)
  • Conditioning units and preheating hall
  • Temperature chamber
  • Climatic chamber
  • Vehicle chambers I & II
  • Combination chamber
  • Temperature shock units
  • Temperature and climate cabinets

Areas of application

Proof of functionality of complete vehicles and motorcycles:

  • Tuning of engine control devices
  • Proof of functionality within the scope of the exhaust emission standard
  • Securing the homologation of vehicles
  • Vehicle dynamics tests
  • Cold start tests
  • Fatigue strength tests

Tests for the approval of technical components and systems from a wide variety of industries, e.g.

  • Functional tests, tightness tests, ageing tests
  • Tests under special environmental conditions, e.g. temperature, humidity and argon
  • Verification of the resistance of components to faults caused by temperature changes, e.g. cracking in soldered, glued and welded joints
  • Rapid temperature change tests
  • IP protection class testing
  • Qualification of electric, electronic and mechatronic components and systems
  • Ageing of electric motors and power electronics

Test standards

DIN EN 60068-2, MIL-STD 810, RTCA / DO-160, LV124