Public administration in particular depends on the secure functioning of its networks. Our specialists support public offices on their way to an administration 4.0 and help reaching project goals in the area of government agency networks. As an independent service provider, free of corporate affiliations, we provide recommendations for technical realisation.

We provide customer support from the assessment of customer-specific requirements via the generation of solution concepts and the tender process all the way to implementation and operation of secure communications infrastructures. And this we provide at the level of individual services or as a complete package – depending on your requirements.


Our services in the area of government agency networks

  • Assessment of requirements: We analyse future user requirements, structure the information and generate from this a catalogue of requirements.
  • Generation of solution concepts: Based on these requirements, our expert specialists work out suitable solution concepts. Our know-how with respect to markets and products allows us to ensure that these concepts are feasible and, in addition, we provide our views on migration and profitability upon request.
  • Preparation of tender documents: Together with you we compile the pertinent documents for the obligatory tender. Next to the technical, operational and organisational specifications, this also includes the definition of appropriate analysis criteria.
  • Support during the entire order placing process: Our specialists answer professionally any questions a tenderer may have in the context of a tender, analyse offers, assist in negotiations and provide placing recommendations.
  • Realisation of migration: We coordinate the migration from the existing into the new communication infrastructure and guarantee – on basis of our long-term experience – a smooth transfer.
  • Operational support: In operation we enable a smooth execution: We provide training with regard to cyber security, introduce information security management systems and operate them. We carry out audits or implement structured ITIL operations processes. Tenderer prices will be checked by us routinely.

With our expertise around government agency networks we enable public administrations to modernize their networks and to adapt them to the technical specifications of recent developments, also in respect of IT security. This includes:

  • Deactivation of ISDN: For many years, ISDN was used for connecting audio communication and, occasionally, video communication. Now the systems must be converted to IP-based follow-on solutions as, e.g., Unified Communication.
  • Migration from Internet Protocol Version 4 to Internet Protocol Version 6 – IPv6: Migration to IPv6 ensures the IT infrastructure’s future viability and guarantees secure network operation.
  • Migration to an All-IP-Network: All providers migrate to All-IP-networks for financial reasons.
  • Internet of Things: The number of intelligent and inter-connected components grows steadily. This includes, e.g., the building control technology, fire detection systems, elevator emergency systems, surveillance cameras and burglar alarms.

Our References (excerpt)

  • For many years already we have provided comprehensive support to government agencies in view of All-IP-networks in the area of LAN/WAN, telecommunication and Unified Communications solutions as well as security infrastructures.
  • In the Federal States of Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt we have provided the above-mentioned services comprehensively complying with the requirements of all departments of the corresponding federal state.
  • As one of only few BSI-certified IT security service providers we support the communications infrastructures of the Federal States of Sachsen and Thüringen in their preparation for ISO 27001 audits in line with BSI IT baseline protection.