Solar Simulation

Solar simulation for components

Service description

  • Solar simulation unit for conducting tests on components and systems under artificial sunlight with realistic UV and infrared parts and variable climatic environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity

Areas of application

  • Functional tests under extreme conditions
  • Realistic ageing of components through strong solar radiation and high temperatures
  • Measurement of the temperature distribution on components
  • Test standards: DIN 75220, MIL-STD 810 Mehrwert für unsere Kunden
  • Realistic testing with variable environmental conditions


Added value for our customers

  • Realistic testing through variable environmental conditions

Solar simulation for complete vehicles

You would like to carry out a solar simulation on a complete vehicle? Then our Vertical Dynamic Structure Test Stand (VESPA) is at your disposal. In addition to vibration tests, solar simulation up to 1,050 W/m2 is possible for vehicles (up to 4,000 kg).