Impact testing

Fields of application

  • Investigation of the influence of ice impact on switch covers, car body and components
  • Inspection / exclusion of damages caused by vandalism, especially on windows


  • Impact tests according to international standards or customer-specific specifications
  • Investigation of failure mode by different types of test projectiles (metal projectiles, stone, gelatine, ice, etc.)

Technical data • Capacity

  • Realisable speeds of over 350 m/s
  • Mass over 10 kg (depending on speed)
  • Calibre up to 350 mm
  • Almost any projectile geometry (symmetrical / asymmetrical)
  • Specific adjustment of the flight attitude of the projectile
  • High-speed acquisition of relevant parameters
  • 172 hectare fenced area with excellent protection and security measures – both in the conduct of experiments and in secrecy