In addition to own survivability factors, the possibility to generate impact against threats is of crucial importance for soldiers on mission.
On basis of high-resolution 3D target vulnerability models, we analyse the on target weapon effect. Using the IABG-developed national standard vulnerability model UniVeMo and based on the hit probability and/or weapon scattering the on target damage, generated by pressure and/or penetration processes is determined. One of the measured variables is the probability of the loss of a function, e.g. mobility, firepower or communication as well as collateral damage. Our analyses extend to the entire weapon spectrum of the German Federal Armed Forces – from small calibre ammunition all the way to the TAURUS missile including all relevant target categories – from shelters to ballistic missiles.

Our expertise:

  • Vulnerability analyses
    • 3D target vulnerability models
    • distribution functions
    • error tree analyses
    • repair times
  • Evaluation of on-target effects
    • target destruction probabilities
    • risk of collateral damage