Testing & qualification of wind energy plants

In light of the increasing size and complexity of plants, criteria, such as operational reliability and life span, become more and more important. With the know-how of approx. 300 development and test engineers and its unique test infrastructure, IABG is a competent partner for the verification of complex technical systems, also in the area of wind energy plants. Our services within the sector of testing and qualification of wind energy systems comprise the testing of materials and components, all the way to complete systems:

Materials testing & method development

  • Consideration of on-site manufacturing conditions, material discontinuities and stress characteristics for material samples
  • Assessment of technological influence factors
  • Damage calculation with fracture-mechanical methods
  • Integration into the CAE process
  • Cost saving by up-scaling results to component level

Component testing

  • Availability of real loads on individual components and/or the tower mount
  • Real interface conditions and interaction, also concerning mounting systems
  • Component-related testing concepts
  • Avoiding over- and/or under-sizing

System verification

  • Interaction of all hard- and software components (mechanical / control, “hardware into the loop”)
  • Network integration and noise
  • Verification of models, simulations and component tests