We design and construct burst chambers.

Pressure vessel testing under bursting conditions is challenging. This applies on the one hand with regard to ensuring a safe test environment, but also with regard to an economic operation of a burst chamber. 

The correct design of the bursting chamber is essential: It must be ensured that the energy released in the event of a bursting of the test specimen is absorbed and that a hazard to the environment can be ruled out.

Currently, tests of large-volume hydrogen pressure vessels in particular still pose a challenge. We usually meet the extremely complex requirements of burst pressure testing of fiber-reinforced high-pressure vessels as a customized test rig solution. The bursting pressure test rig is specifically adapted to the requirements of the respective test specimens. This includes, among other things, the dimensions, the volume and the required bursting pressure of the test specimens.

Various kinds of burst failure (worst case scenario)


To calculate the design of the bursting chamber, we use our many years of expertise in high-dynamics simulation (based on our DYSMAS simulation software), combined with our expertise in mechanical design.

In addition to the aspect of safety, we attach great importance to ease of operation. Our concept enables production-related testing of H2 cryogenic tanks on test benches with high utilization and short cycle times. In this way, we ensure economical operation of the bursting chamber.

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Simulation of burst chamber: failure of a high-pressure accumulator

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Our Services

1) Construction of bursting chambers

We develop and implement customized bursting pressure systems, adapted to the specific requirements of H2 tanks. We hand over a complete turnkey system to our customers for use close to production.

  • Analysis of possible failure modes of the test specimen
  • Validation of the concept by our high dynamic simulation
  • Mechanical design and manufacture of the bursting pressure system
  • Easy-to-operate high-pressure test stand with short set-up times and thus a high cycle rate

2) Carrying out burst tests

As a test house we also undertake the performance of burst tests. In this case we use a bursting chamber developed and manufactured by us (at our sites in Dresden or Lichtenau).

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