Development & construction of bursting chambers according to your requirements

Pressure vessel testing under bursting conditions presents us with special challenges. This applies on the one hand with regard to ensuring a safe test environment, but also with regard to its economic operation.

The correct design of the bursting chamber is essential: We make sure that the energy released in the event of a bursting of the test specimen is absorbed and that a hazard to the environment can be ruled out.

We usually fulfil the extremely complex requirements of bursting pressure testing of fibre-reinforced high-pressure vessels as a customised test system. The bursting pressure test system is specifically adapted to the requirements of the respective test items. This includes, among other things, the dimensions, the volume and the required bursting pressure of the test items.

Various kinds of burst failure (worst case scenario)


To calculate the design of the bursting chamber, we use our many years of expertise in high-dynamics simulation and a unique simulation environment, combined with our expertise in mechanical design.

In addition to the aspect of safety, we attach great importance to ease of operation. Our concept allows H2 tanks to be tested close to production on test benches with high utilisation and short cycle times. In this way, we ensure economical operation of the bursting chamber.

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Simulation of burst chamber: failure of a high-pressure accumulator

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Relevant standards, for example ECE R134, require further experimental evidence in addition to burst tests. Here, too, we are at your side as a partner. For example, we can also implement test systems for carrying out cycling tests under defined climatic conditions. Temperatures, humidity and pressure can be automatically specified, monitored and recorded in a protective enclosure with integrated climate chamber.


What characterizes our bursting chambers


We achieve the high safety of our bursting chamber by

  • analysing possible failure modes of the test specimen,
  • the high quality of the mechanical design,
  • safeguarding through simulative calculation of the damage mechanisms that occur with our in-house developed high-dynamics simulation,
  • validation of the concept and the mechanical design by an independent third party.


Mechanical set-up

When conceptualising and designing the mechanical structure of your burst chamber, we attach great importance to

  • high intrinsic safety,
  • low dead weight of the bursting chamber thanks to an optimised design,
  • no plastic deformation of the bursting chamber due to burst test specimens,
  • simple and quick cleaning of the bursting chamber,
  • large set-up areas,
  • simple, fast and ergonomic set-up and
  • simple integration of the pressure generation system.
Temperature control and use of media

Naturally, we offer you suitable and fully integrated solutions for the temperature control or air conditioning of your test specimen.

We can simulate stone chip damage to your test specimen in a defined and reproducible manner using our IABG stone chip simulator.

We also offer automated systems for the introduction of salt spray, dirty water, sludge and dust to identify weak points in corrosion-related long-term effects.


Customized automation

We offer you customized software and hardware solutions for your burst pressure test bench - tailored to your individual tasks and requirements. When designing suitable system and function architectures, we naturally take into account your existing automation solutions, processes and toolchains in addition to your standards, preferred lists and equipment regulations.
If necessary, we implement customised interfaces, e.g. for the integration of additional peripheral devices, communication with higher-level automation systems or for the integration of the test environment into your database systems.

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