The successful and smooth implementation of complex test campaigns requires extensive and modern infrastructure. In addition to its test facilities the IABG space centre also offers various systems allowing customers to carry out test campaigns without compromises as fast as possible and in a professional environment:

  • 4,350 m² ISO Clean Class 8 clean room space in total, thereof:
    • 3,000 m² test halls
    • 1,000 m² test preparation areas divided into four separate halls
    • 350 m² check out areas divided into three separate rooms
  • Controlled climate conditions in clean rooms
    • Temperatures of 22 °C ± 3 °C
    • Relative humidity of 55% ± 10%
  • Standard clean room conditions ISO Clean Class 8 according to ISO 14644-1
  • Mobile clean room tent: Tests of sensitive space test items can also be accomplished under ISO Clean Class 5 clean room conditions using a mobile clean room tent
  • 500 m² office space and meeting areas: Modern office furniture, PCs, printers, fax, projectors
  • Internal data and communications network: Setup of project-specific customer networks, LAN/WLAN connections, ftp servers, direct internet connections and secure test data transmission
  • Cranes: Overhead cranes in all test halls, lifting capacity up to 10,000 kg, crane hook heights of up to 12 m
  • Fork-lift truck and lifting platforms for shipping and moving containers and test items
  • Continuous current supply at a total level of 80 kVA
  • Pyrotechnics can be handled in suitable facilities
  • Project-specific code cards: The access to test halls and check-out-rooms is secured via code cards that ensure that only authorised employees and customers have access
  • Security service: The IABG premises are guarded 24/7 by its own security service
  • The space centre comprises several areas that are surveyed and labelled security zone 2 or 3. Krypto can be stored at IABG up to the security level "SECRET".