Successful military missions today are inconceivable without using information technology, since it simplifies processes and supports soldiers in almost all areas.

At the same time, information technology turns out to be prone to attacks and manipulation and thus requires technical, material and personnel measures to guarantee security.

As manufacturer-independent provider we support our customers with the conceptula design, integration and operation of secure information systems and networks:

  •  Information security management (Cyber Security & Defence)
    • Consulting on IT security strategies and providing IT security guidelines  (IT Security Policy, guidelines, regulations)
    • Consulting on and execution of safety management measures (processes, specialised concepts, ISMS)
    • Consulting on selection and employment of IT and IT security standards
  • IT security concepts according to ISO 27001 on basis of the BSI IT baseline protection, ZDv54/100
    • Preparing IT and IT security framework concepts
    • Risk analyses, security evaluations (among others, common criteria)
    • System-specific IT security concepts and technical guidelines
  • Audits in accordance with the BSI IT baseline protection, IS audits, crypto inspections and security appraisals
  • Vulnerability analyses: network scans, penetration tests, malicious code analyses (Cyber Security Practice)