Improve the quality and safety of your products and processes with appropriate means.

We support our customers in all aspects of system and process safety – with expertise and in compliance with the latest requirements. Here you benefit from our wide-ranging project experience in all the essential sectors.

We are there for you in all questions concerning functional safety, system safety and safety of use (SOTIF). For this we monitor the relevant standards, regulations and processes for you. Benefit from our many years of experience in the effective and efficient implementation of verification procedures.

We bridge your gaps in competence and capacity in the domains of Safety, Safety Engineering and System Safety. It is our aim and ambition to accompany you in complex development projects en route to safe products throughout the entire product life cycle. On top of this we train and coach your engineers to be able to master future challenges independently and sustainably.

We assist you in optimising your development processes and methods in compliance with project-relevant standards and regulations and in making your processes safe. We are your partner for process optimisation - you benefit from optimised, efficient and safe operations.

We identify process and verification shortcomings for you and so put you in a position to react rapidly to new demands in your sector. We then elaborate cross-discipline proposals for improvement and, taking your corporate structure into account, we tailor these proactively with end customers and suppliers and establish a sustained optimisation process. In this way we create a safe environment for you in the value chain.

A technical system is only safe if safely operated by the user. The assessment of a technical system therefore includes the human factor both in the analysis phase and in the implementation phase. We support you in the development of products that can be operated safely.

Our experts provide you with comprehensive and sustained support with services tailored to your needs and requirements:

  • Management consulting
  • Safety culture
  • Training
  • Human factors
  • Coaching
  • Audit management system
  • Process consulting
  • Process audits
  • Safety engineering
  • Product assessment

Together with you we ensure that current and future challenges for safe products, a safe environment, safe processes and safe operation are recognised early and dealt with efficiently and effectively.


Our safety and functional reliability services currently focus on customers in the following sectors:

IABG advises and supports numerous OEMs, suppliers, system integrators, and solution providers to guarantee state-of-the-art system and product safety. More and more functions for end users, automation and autonomous systems lead to an increasing degree of complexity and connexion. The trend is towards greater decentralisation. This means the development of safety-related products now requires cross-company and cross-industry collaboration.

Society’s increasing risk awareness is reflected in numerous standards:

SectorSample standards
AutomotiveISO 26262
DefenceMIL STD 882
IEC 61508
Rail & trackEN 50128/9
Medical TechnologyEN 60601
IEC 62304
Process industryIEC 61511
Plants, machinery and equipmentIEC 13849
IEC 62061
ISO 25119


Manufacturers apply and often augment these standards with their own regulations which can at times collide with other ergonomics, quality, tool, and risk standards.
The growing complexity engenders a need for training which we address with our IABG Safety and Security Academy.

The significance of the interaction of humans with complex systems (HMI = human-machine interface) is constantly increasing. Aspects and requirements of the human-machine interface as well as ergonomics are therefore incorporated in all of our projects.
The Centre of Competence Safety is your partner in the development of safe products and systems that can be operated in all safety.

Das Center of Competence Safety ist Ihr Partner bei der Entwicklung von sicheren und sicher bedienbaren Produkten und Systemen.