Environmental simulation

Climatic environmental simulation for rail vehicles

We carry out tests and inspections on parts and components under variable climatic environmental conditions - in particular strength tests, functional tests and the simulation of ageing.

Fields of application

  • Strength and functional tests on parts and components under the influence of humidity, high and low temperatures, high and low pressure, salt, dust and sun
  • Simulation of ageing by exposure to different temperature and climate cycles


  • Environmental qualification accompanying development from the beginning of the design-phase to the finished product
  • Reproducible testing under worldwide conditions
  • Endurance tests, cold start and warm-up tests
  • Climate testing of hydrogen-powered systems and high-voltage components


Technical data • Capacity

  • Test facilities from 0.1 m3 to 180 m3 for climatic environmental simulation
  • 6 large climatic chambers with temperature range from -70 °C to 150 °C and air humidity 10 % - 95 %
  • Temperature shock devices
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Solar simulation system
  • Powder and dust testing/simulation