Thermo-elastic distortion tests (TD/TED)

The unusual environmental conditions in space can lead to antennas, reflectors or basic structures deforming due to temperature loads and/or vacuum. This can have a major impact on the satellite’s functionality. It is therefore indispensable to first carry out tests on earth which closely reflect reality.

IABG has different measurement systems for this purpose:

Digital photogrammetry / videogrammetry

  • Highly precise photogrammetric measurements of absolute geometry and relative deformation of surfaces under atmospheric and vacuum conditions
  • Test items up to diameters of 5 m can be measured with an accuracy of ± 15 µm at 1σ
  • The method requires application of reflecting targets on the test item

Laser ESPI

  • Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) is suitable for deformation measurements with an extreme resolution (< 50nm)
  • Test implementation in the vibration free 2m-TVA