Our test halls and test sites

Tests are carried out at our locations in Ottobrunn and Dresden in test halls encompassing an area of more than 13,000 m2, including a modern infrastructure and central supply of hydraulic fluid, compressed air and cooling water.

The test halls also provide equipment for simulating environment-related properties, e.g. temperature, climate, dust and corrosion, as well as for conducting fatigue strength tests. Material tests as well as failure and damage analyses are handled by the materials testing laboratory.

Test hall in Ottobrunn

  • Area: 5,600 m²
  • Height: 15 m
  • Lift capacity: ≤ 20 t

Test hall #1 in Dresden

  • Area: 5,000 m²
  • Height: 26 m
  • Lift capacity: ≤ 2 x 20 t

Test hall #2 in Dresden

  • Area: 1,800 m²
  • Height: 17 m
  • Lift capacity: ≤ 20 t


Modular test system – Services portfolio

The modular test system is particularly suitable for structural and functional tests on aerospace components. The modular architecture ensures fast and cost-effective test set-up and preparation:

  • Simultaneous installation of several single tests on the fixing plate
  • Individual and fast integration of test components
  • Independent execution of tests using fixed control units with 2 x 20 and 2 x 4 free control channels
  • State of the art measuring system with optional online monitoring of selected measuring channels

All test halls are fully equipped with anchor rails for bearing loads and anchoring test frames.

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