With Joint Concepts & Solutions we bundle expertise on joint tasks and challenges, capabilities and resources from all military forces.
Our customers hereby benefit from result-oriented, innovative and effective concepts and solutions to plan, manage and deploy armed forces in the complex environment of networked security.

Our core services include:

  • Capability analyses
    • evaluation of current mission experiences
    • investigation of challenges of possible future scenarios
    • extrapolating required armed forces capabilities
    • differencing symptoms and causes of recognized deficits in the system group
    • determination and comparison of target and actual abilities
    • evaluation of possibilities to close ability gaps
    • consideration of all planning categories such as concept development, processes, organisation, technology, personnel, material solutions
  • Concept development and experimental examination
    • aligned with requirements and in close interaction with the benefitting entities and with later users
    • concept development as well as design and development of demonstrator solutions
    • profound examination and testing of concepts and solutions on the basis of experiments and field tests
    • result-oriented further development of concepts and solutions up to deployment maturity
  • Training / qualification and in-service support
    • development of training concepts and training courses for armed forces and suppliers
    • training of personnel in the effective application of innovative concepts and solutions
    • accompanying the practical implementation of new approaches
    • support of armed forces deployments, both locally and in the operational area, where required

Our experienced integrated team of scientists and technical and military experts uses suitable methods and procedures from a broad spectrum of relevant areas of research, science and ranges of application - including systemic analysis, operations research and modelling & simulation.
In the charged context of current and future tasks, necessary capabilities and available resources, we offer our customers an optimised cost-benefit ratio while continuously adjusting the capability profile.