CAX & Wargaming

Computer-assisted Exercise (CAX) and Wargaming Support Services

IABG provides consultancy and other support to armed forces and disaster relief organizations, using constructive simulation-related services for staff training and command post exercises. IABG provides leading-edge simulation systems such as KORA and JASS for the cost efficient execution of challenging exercises, integrating all support areas during all project phases of CAX.

Consultancy & Concept Development

We provide consultancy and develop concepts for the effective and efficient use of simulation in staff trainings and command post exercises.We support our customers with appropriate training needs analysis in accordance to standardized processes. We develop customised management processes and exercise procedures for CAX and wargaming centres. Our philosophy is to enable our customers to operate their wargaming centre by themselves after an initial assisted phase with adopted processes and with their own professional personnel.

Exercise Management Support

IABG supports CAX facilities with flexible exercise management support services. Starting from management of exercise ideas and training targets up to professional preparation services with highly-experienced exercise support personnel, we are able to organize “drive-through exercises” in order to minimise the required time and effort for the trained organisation. During the exercise we are able to support the Director of the Exercise with exercise control personnel. This is to ensure that all intended training objectives can be reached in time and in the required quality.

Scenario and Database Generation

For our high-end constructive simulation systems we provide quality-assured environmental simulation data that ensure “fair fight” conditions during the exercises. IABG subject matter experts provide country books as essential exercise support material. If desired, we prepare the Order of Battle (ORBAT) including customised system parameters for the simulation system. Our IABG GeoData Factory creates detailed 2D and 3D terrain models and is also able to deliver fully customised GeoInformation Systems to produce databases for simulation systems.

Simulation Tools

As an established manufacturer of advanced constructive simulation systems we can support our customers with individual simulation solutions at all staff levels (from tactical up to operational and strategic level), in every classic operational dimension (land, air, maritime), and in every training subject or service.

Our systems help military customers to increase mission readiness, all the way to the certification of multi-national staff.

We design, develop and integrate the simulation in complex training environments. Our software is continuously maintained and improved to ensure the required system quality.

C4I System Links

Following the “Train-as-you-Fight” principle, our simulation systems are connected to the C4I (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Information) systems used in real missions. This includes simulation or integration of C4I systems in the sense of an embedded simulation.

IABG experts are part of the multinational standardisation boards (e.g. NATO, SISO) to support these organisations with our experiences acquired by the conduction of plenty of exercises for decades.

Analysis & Evaluation Support

The IABG approach to support the analysis and evaluation of exercises is a combination of technical solutions and know-how of our subject matter experts. With our technical and operational expertise we are prepared to analyse exercises from a technical and an operational point of view as well as with our human factors analysis expertise.

Simulation Infrastructure, Operations & Turnkey Solutions

We provide complex simulation networks and efficient simulation exercise centres. We have been a reliable partner for the operation of simulation facilities of armed forces for decades.

Following the turnkey solution approach we support ready-for-training simulation infrastructures for staff exercises.

In-Service Support

Technical systems such as CAX or wargaming centres require continuous in-service support. IABG supports the customers with ITIL©-conform IT-service management and integrated logistics services.

With our tailored services comprising hotlines and User Help Desks, obsolescence management, media support and other integrated services we are established partners of responsible exercise managers.

Training Support

With our CAX-related training services we prepare our customers in all exercise phases. We deliver tailored courses for CAX managers, CAX operators, exercise control personnel and simulation system administrators.