Vulnerability and weapon effect analyses

With the universal vulnerability model UniVeMo we offer a broad spectrum of analytical possibilities regarding vulnerability/ survivability of targets and/or weapon/ ammunition effect. We offer the complete conventional weapon spectrum, from small-calibre infantry weapons, to heavy anti-ship and cruise missiles as well as the applicable target spectrum with representatives. These range from shelters, vehicles, infrastructure, air-borne targets, all the way to ballistic missiles. Our detailed analyses are based on accredited methods in UniVeMo with regard to:

  • penetration behaviour
  • pressure propagation
  • pressure effect
  • component damage/ structural failure
  • error/ function trees
  • repair times

Applications comprise individual weapons and/or ammunition against single targets, all the way to the investigation of effect-based multi-weapon efficiency in complex, e.g. urban scenarios, including collateral damage. The fuse/ seeker behaviour as well as error budget and scattering can be considered. Typical results are:

  • single-shot kill probability (SSKP)
  • burst effect (MSKP)
  • weapon requirements
  • lethal areas
  • idle times
  • hazard areas 

Our expertise:

  • Weapon effect
    • performance data
    • penetration behaviour
    • pressure propagation, effect
    • error budget
  • Target vulnerability
    • vulnerability model
    • founded target information
    • error and criticality analyses
    • structural and component failure
    • national standard
    • international comparability