Functional Safety and Operational Safety

Safety process consulting

IABG applies its competence regarding standards and processes to the analysis, tailoring and optimisation of your development lifecycle to ensure that your safety processes conform to the current state-of-the-art. IABG combines cross-industry experience from many projects with cost-efficient approaches, such as the V-Model (developed in cooperation by IABG), Agile Development, CMMI, Automotive SPICE and Lean Management. We guide you from the concept development through to certification, start of production and beyond. We provide matured and methodical approaches, such as our Safety Process Check, which identifies necessary remedial actions under consideration of both technical aspects and human factors. We give particular consideration in the application of our approaches to their cost-effectiveness.

Audits to maintain compliance with industry standards

IABG has many years of experience regarding the Audit and Assessment of processes, products and compliance with standards. We accompany you throughout the development process, in order to prepare you efficiently, timely and successfully for an audit or assessment according to the relevant safety standards, including ARP4761, ARP4754, RTCA/DO-254 and RTCA/DO-178.

Verification and validation of safety-critical hardware and software

We provide specific aviation-expertise for the verification and validation of safety-critical hardware and software in accordance with RTCA/DO-254 and RTCA/DO-178B/C. In addition, we support tool qualification according to RTCA/DO-330.

Safety engineering and outsourcing partner

We provide safety engineering and outsourcing services throughout the entire product lifecycle, for example, performing a Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment. Our customers benefit from our competence in applying methods and tools to increase the efficiency of safety-relevant projects.

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