Services, operation & training

In our segment of services, operation & training we bundle our operational, technical and economic know-how and integrate it into the following solutions:

  • Mission, exercise and experiment support
    Our services comprise the support of training facilities, exercise projects and experiments, all the way to the supply, operation and maintenance of technical exercise systems and associated infrastructure. We support our customers conceptually, with regard to staff and material issues, as well as organisationally, thus guaranteeing a purposeful and efficient planning, preparation, execution and reinforcement of numerous national and international projects. During missions, we advise our customers on site and support them with mission rehearsal and evaluation elements.
  • Operator solutions
    We analyse, design and implement operator solutions. We help our customers to act more economically and to focus on key tasks. We operate training and exercise facilities including simulators. We furthermore support customers by permanently taking over and operating non-essential facilities and systems as well as by contributing to logistic mission services.
  • Exercise & Training
    In addition to classical exercise support, we also are able to plan and implement education and training measures in line with customer requirements. We provide vital contributions to the preparation of education and training concepts for our military and civilian customers. During the execution phase of our practical and theoretical training, we use state-of-the-art training technologies and methods and advise our customers on conceptual design and creation of training facilities.
  • Services in the utilisation phase
    In the context of the technical development as well as of the technical and logistic support we are a reliable partner for the management on customer side and with our (continuous) services guarantee the readiness of our systems and products for mission use.

As manufacturer-independent supplier, we profit from proven partnerships and co-operation and, in particular, from the cross-sectional expert's assessment of our staff, our military operational understanding and from our experience in the business segment of Services, Operation & Training.