Impact Testing

At our location in Lichtenau or directly at the customer’s site, IABG operates a variety of impact facilities and devices for multiple applications with customized projectiles:

  • Velocity up to over 350 m/s
  • Masses up to 10 kg (depending on selected velocity)
  • Diameters up to 350 mm
  • Almost random projectile geometry, symmetrical/asymmetrical
  • Specific adjustment of the projectile’s flight attitude

Thereby, components of almost any size (e.g. maintaining functionality and damage pattern) can be analysed in accordance with national or international standards (e.g. UIC 651, ASTM F320, FAR/CS 25.571, FAR/CS 25.631, FAR/CS 25.734, FAR/CS 25.775, FAR/CS 25.963, DIN EN 15152, GMRT 2100)

Among others, the following measuring instruments/ procedures can be used for the analysis:

  • Simultaneous high-speed video feeds from different perspectives
  • High-speed data recording for strain gauges and acceleration sensors
  • Laser triangulation and digital image correlation (DIC) to measure the component’s displacement/ deformation
  • Force measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Ultrasonic and eddy current processes with appropriate materials

Impact Devices

Large impact device ID-220Medium impact device ID-100/ID-350SAll impact device 
  • Bird impact
  • Ice block
  • Warhead surrogates
  • Damage caused by vandalism
  • Tyre impact
  • Military missiles
  • Steel balls / cubes
  • Steel balls/ cubes
  • Hail impact
  • Blade fragments (rotor burst, blade-off)