Making complex (socio-) technical systems controllable is a major challenge. IABG has successfully used the method architecture in this area for many years already. Method architectures offer a formal, internationally standardised approach. They allow for a detailed, structured and comparative analysis, representation and evaluation of collaborating organisations and systems and comprise capabilities, processes, system functions, services, information and data, technical standards as well as their various interdependencies. On this basis, target-group-specific processing and simplified representation of complex system connections is possible, creating a basis of common understanding of complex facts for all parties involved.

Typical application fields for method architecture are:

  • target formation, advancement & conceptual design
  • capability management
  • organisational development and process management
  • procurement and use of equipment and information technology, phase documents
  • requirement / system engineering
  • interoperability analyses
  • human factor analyses
  • process optimisation in operation and/or control centres

One of the substantial advantages when applying the method architecture is that the results derived from the analysis of the models are well founded, transparent and – above all – comprehensible. I.e., they also withstand critical examination, which guarantees a high acceptance of the derived recommendations and solutions.

Due to the IABG’s comprehensive expertise of many years across virtually all important Defence & Security segments, we are able to provide a unique combination of technical and methodical know-how to our customers. Based on the extensive application possibilities of method architecture in different fields of application, new and relevant findings can constantly be obtained across sectors and creatively and expediently be integrated in the respective assignment.

“Architectures promote the understanding for and a thinking about connections and networking! “