Operations Research

Operations Research (OR) traditionally used to comprise the development and use of quantitative decision support methods and models. OR was shaped by the collaboration of mathematicians, economic and computer scientists.

This approach – today often referred to as Hard OR – does not reach far enough if tasks and challenges are characterised by uncertainty, complexity, non-linearity and incomplete data. We typically find such requirements in current and future scenarios with cultural, psycho-social, political or strategic problem definitions. Under the term Soft OR, qualitative and quantitative models and methods from human and social sciences are here used, suited to provide scientifically well-founded analysis support for decision-makers and staff, also in highly complex situations.

With its scientific decision support experts and based on scientific methods, IABG supports military and civilian executive personnel in the hard and soft Operations Research sector with the analysis, assessment and decision making in Hard- und Soft Operations Research militärische und zivile Führungskräfte bei der Analyse, Bewertung und Entscheidungsfindung in planning, crisis and operational situations. IABG furthermore advises and enables organisations when it comes to developing own OR capabilities.

Our services and expertise: