Concept Development & Experimentation

Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) is a science-oriented procedural model, designed to optimise the capabilities of armed forces across all levels of military actions and missions, especially against the background of the security-political challenges in the 21st Century.
CD&E uses a variety of different scientific procedures, methods and instruments. CD&E helps armed forces to determine, analyse and close capability gaps fast and in a mission-oriented manner. This concerns, among other aspects, the conceptual design, material, training, mission planning or the command structure.

Based on a holistic and scientific approach, as well as on pragmatism and result-openness, IABG supports its customers throughout all phases of the CD E process – from concept development, experimentation, all the way to the verification under mission conditions.

We support the German Federal Armed Forces and international armed forces among other things with the

  • preparation of experiments
  • training of analysts
  • execution of experiments
  • scientific analysis

Based on these findings, we derive pragmatic action recommendations for realistic mission development, e.g. in the fields of organisation, processes, infrastructure and personnel. Here, we consult and enable the German Federal Armed Forces also when it comes to the development of their own CD E capabilities.

Our services and expertise:

  • Concept development
  • Scenario and experimental design
  • Production of badges and scripts
  • Training of CD E personnel (e.g., analysts)
  • Experiment planning as well as formulation of key questions and hypotheses
  • Experiment execution
  • Ensuring method variety in the data acquisition phase
  • Data analysis and integration
  • Derivation of action recommendations
  • Verification under mission conditions

Basis of the CD E experiments is the interaction of human - technology - organisation in the command process in socio-technical systems (such as military staff units). Human, technical, procedural or organisational measures derived in the concept development phase are analysed regarding their effects (capability/optimisation of the armed forces).

The influence of measures on staff activities and the command process plays a special role in CD E experiments. The effects are gathered and measured in the data acquisition and evaluation phase as well during the execution of the experiment.