Test bench for electric BLDC-motors and drive systems

Mission and intended purpose of the test rig

  • Engineering, optimization and validation of functions, performance and endurance of electric drive systems
  • Analysis of drive-functions in system setup configurations (e.g. ECU and BLDC-Motors, if required including actuation gear or belt drive)
  • Identification of performance values and dynamic characteristics, as option including enviromental climate control

Test rig setup and modules

  • Load drive and modulare power-train-configuration for flexible setups
    • high dynamic loading drive (e.g. up to ± 15 000 rpm, ± .. 20 Nm with optimized intertia)
    • w /o intertia mass, w /o gearbox, free rotating or blocked specimen
  • Electric supply for the specimen
    • Vehicle power circuit emulation (12 / 24 / 48 V) for power and logic supply as well as energy feed-back using high dynamic bi-directional supply units
    • Option: Battery switch for connection with battery simulators
    • Option: Integrated superCAPs for emulation of vehicle electric supply systems
  • Temperature or climate control
    • Temperature (- 40 … + 150°C) and humidity control (10 .. 85 % RH)
    • Standard or customer specific design of chamber, climate control units and interfaces
  • Measurement technology
    • Torque and speed sensors with applicable range and resolution
    • Current, voltage, temperature and acceleration sensors (as option)
    • Option: Integration of additional electric power measurement devices

Automation system based on National Instruments VeriStand

  • Manual or automated analysis of characteric curves, efficiencies, harmonics, cogging curves, step response and transfer functions or longterm stability
  • Test sequencer with data base or NI Test Stand functionality for generic generation of specific test programs
  • Model-integration capability, high scalability for functional extensions (e.g. fault-insertion)
  • Automated report-generation with NI DIAdem