Fatigue strength test for the Bombardier C Series: IABG simulates 180.000 flights

Fatigue strength test for the Bombardier C Series

After a little more than three years of testing, IABG has proven that the service life of the Bombardier C Series meets the qualification standards for aircraft. Continuous test series performed on the entire airframe began in August 2014 and were completed in mid January 2018. The scope of the test covered three aircraft lives, which is equivalent to 180,000 flights. Now that the test series have been completed, the year 2018 will see static test campaigns to determine the residual strength as well as a tear-down inspection.

In its test hall in Dresden, first established in 2004 to test the fatigue strength of the Airbus A380, IABG performs tests on the entire aircraft body, including the centre wing box, the vertical stabiliser as well as both wings. The test item is subjected to the load of a total of 124 servohydraulic cylinders, and measurement data are continuously captured for up to 1,500 channels. The test is carried out for a CS100, but will also qualify to obtain approval for the larger model, the CS300.

Besides the design, setup and execution of the fatigue strength tests for the C Series, IABG has successfully completed several projects for Bombardier Aerospace from 2010 to date. These assignments included the provision of test benches to the C Series development team in Montreal (Canada) as well as the development of NDT procedures for various members of the Bombardier aircraft family.