IABG distinguished as Best Performer Laboratory in the Airbus Merit Program in all audited test categories

IABG has successfully passed the Airbus Technical Development Conformity Audit, which qualified it for selected tests in the aeronautics sector. IABG is now included in the official Qualified Test Method List (QTML) with a so-called "green line" as a "best performer" in the recently introduced Airbus Merit Program for independent laboratories. This special distinction is an important proof of quality for all Airbus suppliers.

IABG is the only company recognized with the green line in the Major Test, Component & Large Sub-component Test categories and a number of additional test labels. In particular, IABG now has this quality label in all audited test categories.

Both OEMs as well as their suppliers need access to excellent test providers to validate their products. IABG's listing and distinction in the Airbus Merit Program underscores its position as the leading European testing and qualification company in aeronautics with the highest quality, unique know-how, future-oriented testing technology, speed, flexibility and on-time performance.