IABG launches a new competence centre for railway technology at its Dresden site

As of March 2021, IABG is adding system and component tests to its core fatigue strength test offerings for customers in the railway industry in order to complete its range of expertise in this area and make a valuable contribution to sustainable mobility in Europe.


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IABG (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) is expanding its range of expertise at its Dresden site by investing in new testing and inspection facilities for customers in the rail vehicle industry. The newly created capacities will be used to carry out the testing of systems and components with regard to operational stability, especially in wagon technology, and to ensure their quality. This includes the construction and operation of customer-specific test benches as well as development services. Innovative methods will be applied for the evaluation of the tests and optimisation of the customers' products. These methods rely, for example, on the use of artificial intelligence to analyse data and predict the service life of the systems and components. The methods were developed through various research projects and verified in cooperation with leading institutes.

The IABG group not only has extensive experience in the qualification of systems and components in railway technology, but also in various other sectors such as aeronautics, space and automotive. Qualification services apply to both hardware and software products and include, most importantly, the verification and validation of fatigue strength. Increasingly, the focus here is also on securing digital and connected systems in order both to secure them functionally and to safeguard them against cyber attacks.

The investments are part of the long-term corporate strategy that addresses societal trends, for both politics and society are calling for modernisation of the industry. The goal is to drive more traffic to the rails so that mobility becomes more climate-friendly and sustainable. IABG has been a proficient development partner for rail vehicles for years and supported development of the ICE, among other things. In addition, projects for sustainable mobility are being developed and operated. The qualification of modern track-guided high-speed systems should be mentioned here, among other things.

The investment suits the federal state because "Saxony is a railway state," says Thomas Köhler, Chief Operating Officer of IABG. "In recent months, we have gradually expanded our team of experts with highly trained engineers with excellent expertise in railway technology. We are currently talking to our customers. We are seeing great interest in the new testing and inspection capacities." "IABG is in exactly the right place with its commitment, creating sustainable growth in the Dresden region and in the state of Saxony", Thomas Köhler adds in conclusion.