Test series for the cryogenic rocket engine Vulcain®2.1 for Ariane 6: IABG and ArianeGroup are hosting a special press event

IABG is currently conducting mechanical tests on the Vulcain® 2.1 rocket engine for Ariane® 6 on behalf of ArianeGroup. To mark the occasion, IABG, together with ArianeGroup, is extending an invitation to a press event at the IABG site in Ottobrunn.

Vulcain®2.1 is the main engine of Ariane 6. The test campaign serves to qualify the dynamic properties of the engine before the first flight at the end of 2020. IABG has already successfully determined mass properties, i.e. the centre of mass, the moments of inertia along all three spatial axes as well as the mass of the main engine. IABG has adapted its existing infrastructure to the specific requirements of this test series.

The series includes extensive vibration tests which will be conducted using IABG’s powerful 320 kN vibration system. The test series is expected to be completed by late March. IABG’s tests are a major contribution to verifying the rocket engine’s suitability for use in space.

IABG and ArianeGroup are expecting representatives of national and international media at today’s press event. Guests will have the opportunity to view the rocket engine at IABG’s space centre and receive in-depth insights from IABG experts into the tests being carried out.

Ariane 6 is an ESA project with Ariane Group as prime contractor