Test Benches for Active Chassis Components

We configure and implement test facilities at the highest of technical standards. They offer reliable operation, easy handling, flexible use, cost-effective maintenance and can be adapted to solve specific problems. In this way we ensure cost-efficiency and a guaranteed future.

Our Services

  • Customer support and advice in creating product specifications, designing and implementing test benches
  • Products / test benches for springs, roll stabilisers, steering systems, sensors, electric drives and actuators, development test benches and parameter verification
  • General contractor for special test benches
  • After sales and support


  • HIL test benches for chassis control systems
  • Endurance test bench for vehicle alternators
  • Endurance test bench for ESC steering systems
  • HIL test bench for ESC steering systems
  • HIL test bench with climatic chamber for rear-axle steering systems
  • HIL test bench for rear-axle steering systems