IABG achieves milestone in the design and installation of Saxony's new administration network

IABG has been supporting the Free State of Saxony since 2014 in setting up Saxony's administration network SVN 2.0, the new integrated network and service infrastructure for Saxony's public administration. SVN 2.0 comprises the network infrastructure for about 800 sites of the Free State of Saxony's administration, about 450 local authority sites, and 1,300 schools. It is the keystone for speech and data communication of the Saxon authorities. By linking up to the SVN 2.0 these authorities can in future access the central network and communication services and use the web and video conference facilities. This means that the administration of the Free State of Saxony now has an administration network that has been developed based on the previous version SVN 1.0 and which provides services as required on a cost-effective basis and with greatly improved data security at a level able to meet the changing threat scenarios.

IABG supports the central IT service operations for the Saxony state administration with a team of experts for renewal of the central IT infrastructure and thus relieves the contracting authority which is responsible for not only the design work but also for operation of the IT infrastructure and provision of all the IT services and applications.

In the course of the project IABG has produced the public procurement documents for five lots and accompanied the contracting authority in the ensuing intensive negotiations in the public procurement phase.

IABG headed multiple important subprojects during the phase of implementing the public procurement results. IABG thus worked in close cooperation with the contracting authority and in line with its strategic goals to shape the technical design of the SVN 2.0 for the network infrastructure (WAN, LAN and WLAN), basic services (central IT services, e-government and unified communication services), internet connection, cellular communications (mobile devices, speech and data rates, central management system for mobile devices), and speech service (redundant gateway via SIP trunk to the public switched telephone networks). During the design phase special attention was paid to the current statutory requirements, technical progress, and the increased demands for performance and IT security. With this IABG laid the cornerstone for successful coordination and migration of Saxony's existing administration network SVN 1.0 to version 2.0.

In January 2019 IABG will finish the work specified in the contract concluded with the Saxony Informatics Services. IABG is taking the imminent completion of the project and transition of the various services from the migration phase to the operational phase as an opportunity to hold a joint workshop in its Geodata Factory in Dresden on 30 October 2018. On this occasion those involved in the project and representatives of the Saxon State Chancellery will share their ideas on the present and future aspects of this landmark project.