Reference test bench

System and development test stands for aircraft landing gear

The requirement    

Design, development and delivery of a turnkey chassis drum test bench for chassis analysis, validation and HIL simulation

The results   

  • Turnkey chassis dynamometer for the simulation of taxiing and rolling processes up to 400 km/h
  • Dynamic excitation 5 m drum for simulation of low-frequency runway irregularities up to 2 Hz
  • Specification of the vertical loads on the trolley via a carriage with 900 kN hydraulic cylinder
  • HIL simulation

The solution

  • Conception/realisation
  • Specification/allocation of trades
  • Formulation of requirements for construction and infrastructure
  • Supplier and interface management
  • System integration/commissioning
  • On-site construction site coordination/supervision in China
  • Acceptance by suppliers/customers

The benefit

Worldwide unique chassis drum test rig for the investigation of chassis typical effects such as "shimmy" and "gear walk" under reproducible conditions and vertical ground excitation